About Vein Health Awareness - A health initiative started by The Whiteley Clinic
About Vein Health Awareness - A health initiative started by The Whiteley Clinic

This September we’re launching a series of various vein tips, guides and campaigns, in response to the increasing numbers of patients seeking out treatments at our Clinics that have been misdiagnosed or misinformed about their vein health and unnecessarily living with uncomfortable and in some cases really serious venous conditions.

Unfortunately, varicose veins have long been misunderstood as a purely cosmetic issue, or that only the elderly develop them, along with other numerous myths. In fact, the condition is hereditary and can develop at any stage of life. Approximately 30% of the population will suffer from varicose veins and they can develop anywhere in the body.

Healthy veins play a vital role to carry deoxygenated blood back to our hearts, If the valves in our veins don’t function properly, the blood flow is restricted and can collect in the vein or start to flow backwards.

When this happens you may notice visible veins, itchy skin, enlarged veins that are blue or dark purple in colour, nodular or bulging veins or be experiencing swelling, heaviness, dullness and or aching, to name but a few symptoms. Vein valves that aren’t working properly could lead to venous disease, leg ulcers, pelvic pain, haemorrhoids or veins in intimate places for both men and women.

To mark the launch of Vein Health Awareness Week 2023, and help the British public improve their venous knowledge, below is an easy VEINS phrase , outlining how to spot the tell-tale signs of one of the key venous conditions – varicose veins!

(It’s important to note that not all sufferers will experience every symptom, however, these are the key factors to be aware of.)

VVisible veins on the surface of the skin or just under

EEnlarged veins that are blue or dark purple in colour

IItchy, sore skin over your veins and discoloration

NNodular, bulging or twisted veins

SSwollen, achy or heavy legs and ankles

During Vein Health Awareness month, we’ll be sharing information about varicose vein conditions, giving you tips to keep your veins healthy and encouraging you to ask us anything. You can ask us, show us or share anything you’re concerned about and we’ll give you an expert answer.

To follow and join in Vein Health Awareness Month, please use #TimeToBeVein and #veinhealth.


If you have any questions regarding your vein health let us know and one of our experts will get back to you with their suggestions and advice!

Vein Health Awareness

Vein Health Awareness Week (running 18th-24th  September 2023) is a key awareness week in the healthcare calendar - coined by Professor Mark Whiteley himself.

Vein Health Awareness Week aims to raise awareness of various venous health conditions; including but not limited to varicose veins, pelvic congestion syndrome and deep vein thrombosis.

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